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Web Counter
The WebCounter system can be used by anyone on the Net to maintain a count of the number of people who have accessed your site.
Internet Audit
Free counter with statistics
Internet Count
Free counter but you've to click the button to view the counter
Free counter from the NeTwork
This page allows you to create counters like this one for your web pages. Its simple and it is FREE!!
Page Count - The Internet's first free statistical counter!
1) A graphical page counter that shows how many times your page has been viewed.
2) Password-protected graphical and numeric statistics that show:
How many people viewed your page.
A breakdown of page views by date, day, and time.
A list of where the requests for your page originated.
The hostnames of the visitors! (up to 100 max).
Unlimited hits!!!
In exchange for this service, we place a banner advertisment on each counter image.

All the materials are under construction, any suggestions please send an email to bc_yks@stu.ust.hk

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