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Free E-mail Services

Net Address
Free E-mail account, you can now uses it to store your mail or forward the mail to your designated account if you like.
Domain name provided: @usa.net
Web based E-mail account, have many functions include stopping spams...
Domain name provided: @hotmail.com
Have to be use in US only. Provides with Free Internet Connection together.
Domain name provided: @juno.com
Formerly called "POBoxes"
Domain name provided: @poboxes.com
Friendly E-mail
Web based E-mail account or have forwarded to another email box. Free web page with each address.
Domain name provided: @mypad.com, @thehelm.com, @thekeyboard.com, etc
Big Foot
Use Bigfoot For Life and keep your email address forever. When you change ISP's (Internet Service Providers) your e-mail address changes. You then have to let all your friends know your new new address and you still lose touch with a few. By using Bigfoot For Life your e-mail address will alway stay the same, so your friends will always be able to reach you.
Domain name provided: @bigfoot.com
Using your E-mail just got easier!
Domain name provided: many many includes @cheerful.com, @financier.com, @surferdude.com, etc...
The Only Internet Service That Can Provide Email Addresses That Include Certain Famous Names, Places & Phrases . The Email Address You Select From StarMail Will Be One That Your Business Associates & Friends Will Not Forget. Just Wait Until You See The Exclusive StarMail Names We Have Available For Your New Email Address. We Think You Will Be Quite Impressed.
Domain name provided: more than 100's unique addresses to choose including @as-if.com, @hehe.com, @bearsfan.com, etc...
By using a Hempseed.com email address you are openly supporting the hemp movement simply by sending email to other internet users. Whether it be a congressman or a friend, your email address will help get people thinking about hemp.
Domain name provided: @hempseed.com
PlanetAll is all about keeping in touch and networking. It's private and it's FREE.
Domain name provided: @planetall.com
Free email service provided when you're member of it's free homepage homesteader!
Domain name provided: @geocities.com
Global Caribbe.an Services - Free e-mail forwarding!
You can now have your own e-mail address in the Caribbe.an. If you live in the Caribbean, want to go to the Caribbe.an, love the Caribbean, been to the Caribbean, have a hard to remember e-mail address, have a long e-mail address, or just want another e-mail address to print on your business cards: This is the thing for you!
Domain name provided: @caribbe.an
RocketMail - your free web-based e-mail
RocketMail is a free global e-mail service. Read your mail anywhere in the world! Brought to you by Four11
Domain name provided: @rocketmail.com

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